December 2016

June 2016

Dedicated New Services Offered


Maintaining your social media and website has never been easier than with our new services.

Dedicated New Services Offered2016-06-25T09:01:22+00:00

May 2016

Google Analytics: The First Page


Google Analytics is a free tool that breaks down your website visitors into an easy to read format.

Google Analytics: The First Page2016-06-25T08:15:21+00:00

April 2016

Breakdown: What is SEO?


SEO is an important facet to any website, but it's also a vastly complicated web of rules.

Breakdown: What is SEO?2016-04-09T18:58:12+00:00

March 2016

Money versus Time


One of the most important subjects for my clients is budgeting. Learn how to make your budget here.

Money versus Time2016-03-14T09:56:31+00:00

February 2016

Our Hootsuite Tutorial


Hootsuite allows you to update your social media networks simultaneously. Learn how to set it up here.

Our Hootsuite Tutorial2016-02-20T07:56:50+00:00

Beware: New Email Scams


New email scams are both convincing and dangerous. Learn how to recognize them and stay safe.

Beware: New Email Scams2016-02-05T03:14:05+00:00

January 2016

Stony Point Hall


CLIENT. STONY POINT HALL DATE. 01/23/2016 WEBSITE. No longer online TYPE. NEW WEBSITE Our decision to hire ReTek to update our website was fantastic. Staci was a joy to work with and became an integral part of our design team, offering many [...]

Stony Point Hall2021-08-09T03:25:19+00:00

New Years Resolution


Our new years resolution is to update social media. We have a trick up our sleeves, what do you think it is?

New Years Resolution2016-01-26T07:46:26+00:00

Executive Title


CLIENT. EXECUTIVE TITLE DATE. 01/16/2016 WEBSITE. No longer online TYPE. NEW WEBSITE A Testimonial from Executive Title is coming soon!

Executive Title2021-08-09T03:27:21+00:00