December 2020

Conquering My Crohns


CLIENT. CONQUERING MY CROHNS DATE. 11/05/2020 WEBSITE. www.CONQUERINGMYCROHNS.com TYPE. NEW WEBSITE A Testimonial from Conquering My Crohns is coming soon!

Conquering My Crohns2021-08-09T02:18:58+00:00

June 2020

Lumberyard Arts Center


CLIENT. LUMBERYARD ARTS CENTER DATE. 01/25/2020 WEBSITE. www.LUMBERYARDARTSCENTER.org TYPE. REDESIGN A Testimonial from Lumberyard Arts Center is coming soon!

Lumberyard Arts Center2021-08-09T02:23:10+00:00

April 2020

Chamber of Commerce Redesign


CLIENT. BALDWIN CITY CHAMBER DATE. 02/28/2019 WEBSITE. www.BALDWINCITYCHAMBER.com TYPE. REDESIGN Our website needed a complete overhaul and Staci delivered. Not only did Staci demonstrate the technical mastery of creating a mobile and responsive website meeting all our needs, but her attention to [...]

Chamber of Commerce Redesign2021-08-09T02:27:17+00:00

Stranger Creek Tactical


CLIENT. STRANGER CREEK TACTICAL DATE. 02/28/2019 WEBSITE. www.STRANGERCREEKTACTICAL.com TYPE. NEW WEBSITE A Testimonial from Stranger Creek Tactical is coming soon!

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February 2020

Fix A Field LLC


CLIENT. FIX A FIELD LLC DATE. 02/19/2020 WEBSITE. www.FIXAFIELDLLC.com TYPE. NEW WEBSITE A Testimonial from Fix A Field LLC is coming soon!

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November 2019

Blue Eagle Investigations Redesign


CLIENT. BLUE EAGLE INVESTIGATIONS DATE. 11/17/2019 WEBSITE. www.BLUEEAGLEINVESTIGATIONS.com TYPE. REDESIGN Fantastic IT, hosting and website building company. They rebuilt our website and it looks exceptional. And every time I’ve called/texted/emailed with questions, I have gotten immediate responses. I absolutely recommend ReTek! [...]

Blue Eagle Investigations Redesign2021-08-09T02:42:46+00:00

July 2019

Flatlanders Pizzeria


CLIENT. FLATLANDERS PIZZERIA DATE. 07/31/2019 WEBSITE. www.FLATLANDERSPIZZERIA.com TYPE. NEW WEBSITE A Testimonial from Flatlanders Pizzeria is coming soon!

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March 2019

Country Floral


CLIENT. COUNTRY FLORAL DATE. 03/10/2019 WEBSITE. www.COUNTRYFLORAL.com TYPE. REDESIGN A Testimonial from Country Floral is coming soon!

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January 2019

Stone Creek Sandwiches


CLIENT. STONE CREEK SANDWICHES DATE. 01/28/2019 WEBSITE. www.STONECREEKSANDWICHES.com TYPE. NEW WEBSITE A Testimonial from Stone Creek Sandwiches is coming soon!

Stone Creek Sandwiches2021-08-09T02:52:24+00:00

December 2018

Stony Point Hall Redesign


CLIENT. STONY POINT HALL DATE. 12/28/2018 WEBSITE. www.STONYPOINTHALL.com TYPE. REDESIGN Our decision to hire ReTek to update our website was fantastic. Staci was a joy to work with and became an integral part of our design team, offering many useful suggestions and expert [...]

Stony Point Hall Redesign2021-08-09T02:55:30+00:00