March 14, 2016

Money versus Time

One of the most critical aspects of my job is deciding how much to charge a customer. Not surprisingly it is also one of the most important subjects for my clients. The reason it is so hard to adequately quote website design is that it’s not just about what features the website will have, but more so the time it takes to complete the project.

You always hear time is money and it’s true for nearly every type of business including web design. When it comes to website design, the time it takes to complete a task directly correlates to the difficulty of the task. Because each website is unique you never really know how difficult a task will be because all of the features may work easily on their own, but becomes very difficult when they need to work together.

To determine a quote I suggest my clients work out their budget first. I ask them to think of their website in terms of an employee. In essence, a website is a full time employee that never sleeps, never goes on vacation or takes a sick day. Yet can handle multiple sales at once, answer as many questions as your customers may have and does it all for pennies on the dollar. How valuable is this employee to you? How much time and energy is this employee saving you on a day to day basis? Also take into consideration that your website only needs to be updated once every three to five years. For example say you spend $8000 on an expensive website, it may seem like a lot, however considering the website as an employee you would only be paying them $0.18/hour over your website’s lifetime.

With your budget in hand you will then need to make a list of necessities followed by a list of wants. We can then discuss your necessities/wants and figure out how to best meet them given your budget. As long as your necessities are met you can always add your wants later as your website evolves to better serve your customers.

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March 14, 2016