June 25, 2016

Dedicated New Services Offered

We’re offering new services! Lately we’ve seen a rising trend in questions about monthly services. Website upkeep, maintenance, social media and analytics are common concerns for our clients. We’re finding that businesses both big and small can benefit from these dedicated services.

Prior to these new services our goal had always been to create a beautiful/functional website and then teach our clients the tools needed to maintain them. We will continue to do this for any client that wants to take control of their website, however we’re finding that it’s an issue of time not knowledge.

Businesses both big and small have only a handful of options to choose from when it comes to routine maintenance, upkeep and social media. Either they do it themselves (smaller businesses), create and hire a new position in the company to handle it (big businesses), or tack on duties to an employee in house (both). There is also the ever popular snagging of a savvy family member to do it for you. While these are all viable options the problem is always going to be time, money or quality.

To solve the ever growing problem we’re introducing a wide variety of monthly services that can handle everything from analytics to maintenance to social media management at affordable pricing. Depending on your needs we can even create a custom package for your business.

Our new services are:

  • Social Media Management – We will write and publish four SEO optimized blog posts for you per month. Along with 2 weekly facebook and twitter posts. While we’re at it we’ll even monitor your business reviews across the internet and notify you in the case of a bad review.
  • Analytics Report – Breakdown of all your visitor statistics. We’ll cover monthly visits and analyze your traffic to better target your customers. Information includes age, location, browsing habits, and includes professional advice to help you increase traffic and convert more of that traffic into sales.
  • Reputation Management – You would be amazed how many different listing websites are displaying your business information. If you’ve ever moved, changed your phone number/website there is a high chance that the information out there is incorrect. This negatively affects your website ranking and in turn your traffic and sales. We’ll monitor these websites, correct any false information, and keep an eye on your customer reviews.
  • SEO Rewriting – If you prefer to write your own blog posts we can definitely understand and fully support you. To get the most out of your blog posts you’ll need to make sure they are SEO friendly. This can easily add another hour onto the time it takes to write one. We simply offer to reword your existing blog post to make it optimized.
  • Website Maintenance – Behind the scenes of any website there will be ongoing maintenance, it’s an undeniable fact. Security updates, file management, error checking, site speed, and if you’re using wordpress theme/plugin updates all need to be managed. If left unkempt your website will eventually become slow, vulnerable and display errors. We will work behind the scenes to keep this from happening.

We’ve added these new services to our Monthly Services page and will be continuing to research and add more in the future. If you have any suggestions or would like a custom package feel free to contact us.

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June 25, 2016